María Masot


It is the administration of the studio, the accounting department, the purchasing department, the logistics and the human resources concentrated in a single person. It demonstrates a great load capacity and surprising versatility. It represents common sense and prudence that the rest of the team left on the road. Diligent, neat, constant and organized.

Vocation of innate service. She defends at all costs the client’s position and watches over his interests when the team loses itself in the most creative facets. Take care of everyone with great fairness and sense of what’s right. She is generous but demanding with everyone – in particular with herself and especially with the boss.

He laughs when he says that this office reminds him of the devil dresses in Prada !!!

Administration and business management
UOC – Universidad Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona
spanish · catalán · english
7 years in the team 

Favorite architecture work
I am not an architect, but my favorite is the Basilica del Pilar de Zaragoza. Yes, I love it, and not only because of its architectural style; It provokes in me feelings of happiness, not religious but personal – and probably also linked to my own memories. 

I hate
I do not find meaning or sense of location to the iron figures that were laid out on the Via Julia in Barcelona. Nobody knows what they mean, people, especially the neighborhood, look at her strangely, without really understanding what they are doing there.

Intervention that I would like to do
Reform? I would close my eyes and let anyone in the office freely occupy my apartment. that they did what they thought opportune, I like the way our team works.

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