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Can Joan Bernat II


A very cool client orders us a party house, a house of connection, spiritual experience, for an open and communal way of living in a very creative environment. Therefore, the social space will be important, with only 2 large rooms and an annex, in case of an extension is added afterwards.

Seeks fluidity with the landscape, curved shapes, relationship with the environment. But the topography is extreme, there is a difficult fit due to the very steep slope and the limitations of the regulations. The house is developed in a very narrow strip, at a constant elevation.

We perform more detailed topographic plans than usual to take advantage of all the opportunities that the terrain presents. Trying to limit the impact of the walls, we worked in a very fluid way, an approximation in fractals. Access is from the roof: from the upper part of the house, submerging as if under a water plane, through a courtyard between a fractal-shaped retaining wall and the back of the house.

It reaches a large common area that almost becomes an open porch to the views, making the large glass windows disappear within the wall panels.

Date of construction
Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza
Jaime Romano
Miguel Ángel Sánchez
Cesar Horrillo (technical architect)
Lluís Oliva (architect)