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Can Pep Simó

A townhouse with a garden, a covered porch and two windows to the outside.


The old indoor-outdoor houses had a gallery, an element that providing the rooms with light and fresh air and worked very well. However, this model is no longer accept by law, as it juxtaposes several rooms.

Of all things, Can Pep Simó is mostly a matter of distribution. A townhouse with a garden, a covered porch and two windows to the outside. The opposite area on that floor does not have natural light, which meant that only one of the rooms would take profit of it and have an exit to the garden.

By means of an enclosure of sliding wooden panels – a Trombe wall – , the Can Pep Simó porch can be closed in winter and keep the rooms at the center of the house warm during the day. In summer, it keeps the heat away from them. Moreover, it allows to put a later end to the garden activities in summer and offers light and protection in winter, being suitable as an office or as a children’s playroom.

The arrangement of the two rooms that follow the porch of sliding walls is also a question of flow. The spaces can be lived as a loft or be partially closed and give access to the garden while respecting the privacy of each other. In addition, the courtesy bathroom can suit the secondary bedroom with total privacy, almost making it second suite.

A touch of marble could not be missed in a traditional Mediterranean kitchen, but it is not easy to find a beautiful piece of marble 3.2 meters long. For the countertop, Corian was chosen –it’s easier to use–, and a discreet marble was our pick for the walls. This way it doesn´t hit the eye from the social space and is only noticed when someone is cooking.

Date of construction
2009 – 2010, Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza
Jaime Romano
Miguel Ángel Sánchez
María Osa
Balafia de Baix
Box 3 Interiores
High Tek
Pitiusa Instaladora