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Cana Maria Roca


Here we have again a steep slope and a complicated topography, even more so because of the strict Ibizan regulations. It’s not easy to locate a large piece in that pine grove when you can’t use large retaining walls and you don’t want to destroy the forest.

And again, the difficulty becomes the starting point. Our strategy was to use a curve in the road as an entrance and follow a curved elevation in the terrain, thus developing the entire project as if a kite’s tail.

The three rooms, swimming pool, middle garden and house are juxtaposed to make daily life easy. Should this not have been the case, we would have been forced to raise several six meters walls to place the pool in front of the house, or either place it lower.

With this arrangement, the kitchen keeps its core life position and is connected to the garden. It also holds a visual connection to the pool, which is perfect to keep an eye on the children.

Date of construction
2008, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza
Jaime Romano
Miguel Angel Sanchez
Eberhard Schmidl
Building engineer
Eva Riera Lock
Construcciones Peral
Box 3 Interiores
Pitiusa Instaladora
VGC Instalaciones
AD Spain no. 38