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Cartago House


A Tunisian family who saw a project of us on a magazine got in touch. They own a parcel in an important archaeological site in Carthage, with two amphitheaters on the sides and the best-preserved Roman houses in Tunisia. They have Julius Caesar as a neighbor!

The slope was steep, the terrain harsh with wonderful, perpendicular views of the coast and the bay of the ancient Carthage. The lower access was too narrow to be connected to the space where the house should be, which was an important limitation when it comes to safety.

In addition, the subsoil had to be monitored to avoid any damage to the archaeological remains that could be there. We could not make large excavations, so we would try to make the house ‘float’ on the ground.

We planned a four levels distribution with an elevator, a car lobby and a main entrance with access by car. This would result in a pleasant architectural experience, the light getting in the garage from a lateral patio.

The first level was given to the garden floor, where the swimming pool, the gym, the children’s rooms and the service’s – at the back – come together. The lift and stairs are in the middle. The social core is on the upper floor, where the large living room and the kitchen are directly connected to the staff. It also has a pergola and a shaded open space. We enabled a double circulation that would make the service’s work easy while preserving the owners’ privacy.

A mezzanine gives access to the owner’s suite and that of the little girl, which is placed on the other side. We considered switching the location of the loft so that it would not be exposed it to the views. It was a risky formula, but this way the intense Mediterranean light inside the house was softer. Thus, one can enjoy the views of the sea and over the double height space from the studio.

Date of construction
Started on 2007, Carthage, Tunisia
Jaime Romano
Miguel Ángel Sánchez
Local architect
Memia Tak Tak
José del Solar
Davide Busatto (architect)