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El Sueño


El Sueño is our fourth residential project we have developed for this client over ten years. Conversations and complicities arise, the bond between the client and the team grows while we work on the rest of the houses and the very experience of the spaces we have built together is shared. Our clients can make us learn and discover new, enriching ways to look at everyday space.

El Sueño has not been built yet. It will be placed in an Ibizan urbanization that we know well, as we have worked on other projects there. We have witnessed the sunset light, its reflections, its nuances, its subtleties, its winds.

The terrain reaches – in a gentle slope – one level below the street. The cliff in the northwest provides a magnificent view to the west.

After several tries, the raised access cries out for a drastic solution: cars will stay at the street level, thus freeing up some space, and the garden will be a purely pedestrian experience.

An entrance patio facing south is bathed by the morning light and diffuses it around the house. It allowed us to move the entire house backwards and reduce the intercommunication space while expanding the front towards the sea, thus taking advantage of the afternoon light and the views to the north and west.

As usual, we paid special attention to the flow and we enhanced the experience and the harmony between the guests and the servants. At one end of the kitchen, a bar gathers social interaction and is connected to the attached service area. The three main rooms in the upper floor share these characteristics, as well as the guest rooms on the ground floor, which face an infinity pool and have open views of the sea and the cliff.

Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza
Started on 2012
Jaime Romano
Manel Landete