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Green II


The starting point was a beautiful lot halfway a forest and a clearing, on the north side, overlooking the golf course. The orientation wasn’t the best of all and the house needed to be spun to be more comfortable. The resources were scarce so we had to pay special attention to the topography and carry out a deep study the terraces of the land.

We took advantage of the well-preserved, beautifully executed peasant walls to make a first sketch of the floor’s distribution. The house is open to the eastern sun during the morning, with a double bar that goes down the slope transversely.

The patio makes a transition between the daytime and the nighttime. The main room and the daytime take profit of the west orientation in parallel with the ground levels and large areas suitable for terraced platforms at different levels.

This allowed us to erect a house with a bold facade, staggered from below, and a simple, open distribution of pieces that fit together in a free-flowing, easy way. The pool takes advantage of the afternoon, too, having a tangential view over the golf course.

The overall is a hedonistic house made to live barefoot in nature with fading limits. We think of it as a particular interpretation of that special moment when the forest ends and the clearing appears. Semper and the Roman tradition of isolated houses were strong references in this project.

Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza
Jaime Romano
Miguel Ángel Sánchez