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Space Ibiza

The flow is the key.


Romano Arquitectos has worked on quite a few night clubs: La Estación de Francia, the CDLC and La Paloma in Barcelona, a couple of them for Pachá… We think that interior design isn’t really useful in nightclubs, because people cannot see it.

In the end, when it comes to work on the interior design of a nightclub, the flow is the key: how to give shape to the space, how to encourage the flow of people, their faces and bodies, how to arrange the platforms and the visuals.

So: was it really wise to make efficient toilets and wardrobes, the core of those satellite moments in which people actually meet? We need to provide the elements for an intentional, controlled, intense human gathering. It’s like a washing machine: clothes go in and do not go out until they have completed their journey.

The European laws have suddenly stated that all terraces – including The Space’s, which is mostly open during the day – must be covered to protect people from noise. We noticed that Pacha’s terrace, which is physical and vertical and could have been made out a Greek Epidaurus – just slightly changing the inclinations – can get the visual from any point. On the contrary, one of the Space’s singularities relies on its spatial and social horizontality. It didn’t mean to be loyal to the social scale.

Working the horizontal spirit of a disco to achieve an effective exchange of looks might seem paradoxical. At a static level, the human mass and their movements are surrounded by a system of stands that promote these crossed looks cross-viewing between those in the center and those on the sides. Again, we have achieved the concept of views on a flat terrain (for instance, Pont d’Eno’s house) with a very soft ‘amphitheater effect’.

On the other hand, we optimized the facilities by means of an underground gallery where even draft drinks are served. Thus, one single person there can assume the replacement of supplies at all bars and keeps the team above from slowing down to do that task.

Date of construction
2004, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza
Jaime Romano
Manel Landete
Sonia Soms
Andres Van Gelder
Manel Domenech – Acoustic engineer
Ricardo Pineda Construcciones
Jose Caymi – Caymy Caldereros