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Again a steep slope and a complicated topography, even more so because of the strict Ibiza regulations on slopes; difficult to locate a large piece in that pine forest, without large retaining walls, without destroying the forest.

Again the difficulty becomes key. The strategy was to enter a curve in the road, use a curved terrain elevation and follow it, developing the entire project like the tail of a kite.

The 3 rooms, swimming pool, intermediate garden and house, are concatenated and make daily life easy and fluid. If this had not been the case, it would have been necessary to raise 6-meter walls to place the pool in front of the house, or to place it lower.

With this arrangement, the kitchen, in a central living position, is articulated with the garden and maintains a visual relationship with the pool, perfect for controlling children.

Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza

Jaime Romano
Miguel Ángel Sánchez

Eberhard Schmidl

Quantity surveyor
Eva Riera Lock

Construcciones Peral

Box 3 Interiores
Pitiusa Instaladora
VGC Instalaciones

AD España nº38

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