cho restaurante · barcelona

When you act without prejudice, you open fields, also stylistic. Cho is not a sought-after aesthetic but the result of an intellectual mechanism naked of complexes, anti snob, anti intelligenzia and anti groups, which resulted in a pop carambola.

It was a fun project: we had only a month and a half to turn a burger king into a Japanese restaurant, for a client with no connection to Japan. We took measurements incognito, while we ate hamburgers …

There was the elegant, zen and minimalist temptation of every Japanese restaurant, which required an in-depth study of Japanese interior design. Or play to emphasize, to interpret from the ignorance, from the European perception of the archetypes, the Japanese topics. Not even imagining, but arranging them all, amalgamating them … We invented some tapes with pieces of wood, as a billboard, with a compilation of images: a geisha, the manga comic, the model of a toyo ito building, some fighters from sumo…

And the Japanese flag. The solution for the interior room appeared thanks to the error in a render of a collaborator. Suddenly, the Japanese flag was projected repeatedly throughout the room, a room covered in red polka dots. We follow the seam of chance and leave them, all except one, which slightly takes the shape of a butterfly; cho in Japanese.


Jaime Romano

Oriol Florejachs
Toni Garriga

Muebles Castelló

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