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Ephemeral architecture or zero footprint architecture?

A developer obtains a hotel exploitation concession on an island, practically a dune, located in front of the Hurghada area and which is still under the military regime. Therefore, a temporary concession without guarantees of continuity and that entails a series of conditions.

The developer, with the initial intention of building a hotel, decides on a beach club arriving by boat and staying for a day. He asks us to design a construction that can be removed without leaving any trace on the island. In addition, getting labor in Egypt is easy, not so much transporting large volumes of material to the island …

… A camp? The idea was to set up a series of platforms using a very simple technique, based on filling earth bags (those from the trenches): arrive with a container full of bags and use the sand from the beach itself! the terraces would be covered with fabrics stretched in an arc, based on the Tuareg tents and staked in the sand itself with parallel porticoes


Jaime Romano

Carlo Montanaro

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