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This is the story of an inverted mezzanine in a modern, well-finished, diaphanous, double-height industrial space that was supposed to host both Romano’s workshop and BOX3’s showroom.

Usually, the exhibition space takes the side of the light. Nevertheless, light in the Mediterranean can be too bright, hence the dilemma of having a sort of ‘Arab’ attic and locate the offices on the windows’ side, so that the brightness of the double-height interior space could be weight up.

The decision to reverse the distribution was also a question of responded to circulation and privacy, both for the showroom’s visitors and the employees in the upper offices. That is why the proportion of the loft follows a rule by Frank Lloyd Wright (and also Le Corbusier’s): a compression 2.20 meters from the lower space, thus achieving a both visual and hermetic closing effect.

As Spanish regulations do not allow to have a ceiling below 2.50 meters, it’s just the only the balcony’s side that drops to 2.20 meters. It manages to mark a horizon, though. The railing is wider than usual from above, so we were able to integrate a piece of furniture all along. This provided a liberation feeling to the people above and visually isolated those below. In the end, it’s both a space and a landscape where the activities on both floors are separated from one another.

2003 – 2004

Jaime Romano
Miguel Ángel Sánchez

Eberhard Schmidl

Construcciones Peral

Puertas y Cerrajería Ibiza
Instalaciones Humiclima

Lumínica no. 12

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