sidi kauki · marruecos

Ca is the result of an interesting business scheme, good ideas and a discreet economic investment. In exchange for the transfer of the land, a private developer in Barcelona built a theme resort and provided with a series of facilities a Moroccan local government that was interested in promoting and attracting to that area a new touristic target.

The promoter would manage the hotel, whose leitmotiv will be astronomy and which will host a good astronomical observatory for both private and public use.

The budget would be moderate at first and would be subject to increase depending on the hosting forecast. The complex and its facilities being able to grow organically is an important requirement.

We designed a concentric, mandala-shaped, somehow entangled city, with a set of narrow streets and interior patios that gather to protect themselves from the wind, just like a small kasbah. The hotel, rooms and restaurant can be built around the observatory and the large central patio, where spaces will stagger.

An itinerary of astronomical activities was set: a few small natural observatories; in the desert, some buckets delimited by a concrete border with engravings – the constellations, codes to observe the movements of the moon, references to the cardinal points, the stars and the horoscope… At night, people can make themselves warm with a blanket and gather around a campfire: a simple, cozy, friendly plan under the sky.


Jaime Romano

Augusto Román

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