sugar hill · barbados

The Sandy Lane Hotel is the oldest, most significant urbanization in Barbados. Its wide terraces surrounding the golf course are always the perfect location to enjoy a peaceful sunset, just like its platforms facing west provide stunning views of the turquoise coast. The clouds are as big as cathedrals.

The project got started in frustration, as the client did not find our proposals satisfactory. That erratic, almost comical search finally showed us the guidelines. The rain is a key factor in Barbados, where life takes place mostly outdoors. A connection between the volumes was essential in order not to get wet.

An initially transversal square gained traction and was arranged as the core – on a soft slope – where water plans, green areas, the pool and all the elements were distributed within a U-shape. The main room on one side, the guest rooms on the other.

The four-way slope, so typical there, was recovered and manufactured in beautiful wooden tile.


Jaime Romano
Manel Landete

Antonio Cilea

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