tipaza house · ibiza

In the first meeting, we forgot to tell the client that we had demolished the house to be renovated, because taking advantage of the old structure was not feasible … and because the interesting project is usually caused by challenging lands.

View to the northwest, access from the south and the slope to the north: the worst. All the planning thought to get south, but without turning your back on sight.

Tipaza is a serious house. The building organizes its spatial logic like a periscope that searches for light throughout the day. The whole house is a fan, a display of cubic pieces, of volumes seated on a gray plinth and joined by sections of pink stone, moving in a fractal strategy. An articulated sequence that graduates the diffusion of light using a conscientious technique.

In addition to the rhythms created by the 3 pieces, which play at linking or unlinking depending on the façade and its relationship with the landscape, a work of strata was carried out, combining volumes, materials and textures, to reproduce the colors and textures from the bay of Port Roig.

The gray horizontal band on the first floor collects the cliff and places the white cubes above it; The wooden grilles that shade the entrance of light evoke the fishermen’s houses, those boxes that, with their wooden lattices, from the top of the stone ramp protect access and facilitate ventilation.

We learned from the client: he asked for a bar, we resisted … but since then, we have increasingly used the bar as a unifying element, a transitional element between lifetimes.


Sant José de Sa Talaia, Ibiza
2003- 2005

Jaime Romano
Manel Landete

Eva María Sánchez 
Eberhard Schmidl 
Andres van Gelder

Landscape Design
Stephen Woodhams

Balafia de Baix

Box 3 Interiores 
Rafael Espada – electricidad

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